This is an introductory course to Spatial Linked Open Data. Linked Open Data is a standards-based approach for data interoperability. In this course, we will teach the basic theory of Linked Data, and introduce the most important standards such as RDF. More in-depth the topic of data modelling, vocabularies and ontologies will be elaborated as one of the key concepts of Linked Data (module 2). Although the concepts and technology is generic and not specific for spatial data we will discuss in particular the context of spatial data on the web (module 1). The second part of this course is split in a technical module (module 4) and a business module (module 3). The business module will discuss the business case for linked data implementations based on the case study of the Dutch Kadaster, one of the earlier linked data implementations in Europe. The technical module will provide best practices on how to convert data into linked data, and will be practical hands-on creating SPARQL queries.